Now that I in the trough of sorrow, shit it feels bad

Demotivation after launch

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I remember once there was a “important” feature that most of the market research said was vital for turning trials into subscriptions.

Well, we bit the canada goose uk shop bullet and spent 6 months building,

Ended up having a fatal flaw in it which we uk canada goose outlet discovered a few months canada goose uk black friday later, it was a showstopper for one of the workflows,

Our internal stats showed that exactly 0 users ( out of about 10k ) used this feature.

On the flip side we once had buy canada goose jacket cheap a feature we were dying to build, no users ever asked for it, it wasn even on our customer roadmap, and never had a single survey result asking for it even though we explicitly listed it. It was a massive undertaking ( and involved replacing our entire component set. Once we released within 2 months we had a increase of 30% of our user base . Literally 3000 people signed up ( and paid ) just because of this one feature that nobody asked about. And the vast majority of our survey responses at the Canada Goose Jackets time cited that one feature. Not suggesting this incident is anything more than a bummer canada goose factory sale after your launch, but just something to Canada Goose online keep an eye out for. And common among devs. Help is available should you need it.

Totally reasonable and understandable to be working like crazy toward a big release with high expectations. and then pfffft. Completely human reaction.

I experienced a small amount of this last week wrote a technical blog uk canada goose post that I thought was quite useful (about extending markdown syntax on static sites), but got almost Canada Goose sale no traction when I posted it to various places. You end up spending a few solid days writing buy canada goose jacket stuff, coming up with a clean public repo, etc and feels like waste. Now, it could have been the places I posted or my headline or maybe just wasn relevant to many people but it canada goose coats a bummer, regardless.

Amplifying this feeling of depression is that it seems everyone else on the web hits home runs. The reality is that the home runs tend to be bites dog stories rare occurrences that garner attention. No one writes an article entitled company launches monitization and no one seemed to care” but this outcome happens most of the time.

Keep your chin up; learn from it and try to determine what went wrong; figure out the marketing and collateral you need canada goose uk outlet for your next cheap canada goose uk launch ( you build it, they will come” doesn ever happen); try again. I read it first during the blissful initial development phase, where you expected to blow up at launch and take over the world in 2.5 weeks. cheap Canada Goose Obviously reality is different. Now that I in the trough of sorrow, shit it feels bad.

Worse part is, there is no guarantee you get out of it. Statistics say that you probably never get out of it, and simply fail or give up.

PG was right when he said canadian goose jacket ignorance is an important reason why young people are more likely to succeed. I would still done it if I knew it was this hard, but I probably be a lot less excited.

Visitors can boat, sail or fish in nearby Seneca Lake

Getaways in Upstate New York

Upstate New York offers vistors a fresh view of the Empire canada goose coats State. (Photo: Michael Turek/Photodisc/Getty Images )

Related Canada Goose sale Articles Honeymoon Lodging in West Virginia Catskill Area Hotels Spa Getaways in Pennsylvania Northern California Romantic Getaways With Spa Rooms Upstate New York’s parks, mountains and lakes give harried Manhattanites and other visitors a respite from their hectic daily lives. From the Catskill Mountains to Lake Placid and the Adirondacks, the land north uk canada goose of New York City canada goose clearance sale has plenty of wide open Canada Goose Coats On Sale spaces, historic sites, romantic inns and sporting venues.

Spa Getaways Get away from it all and return to the city refreshed by indulging in a spa getaway. Villa Serendip has five rooms, Canada Goose Outlet including a Jacuzzi suite. Guests Canada Goose Jackets may also book an all inclusive spa vacation. The spa’s country inn has 36 rooms, each with a private bathroom. Spa canada goose uk black friday treatments, canada goose clearance healthy Canada Goose Online meals, dance lessons and other activities are included as part of the spa package.

Spiritual Retreats Upstate New York is famous for its meditation centers and other spiritual retreats. The tree house, or “tree yurt,” rests in a wooded area on the 70 acre center. It sleeps three to four buy canada goose jacket people and has a full kitchen and bathroom. Visitors can prepare meals at the outdoor grill and accompanying picnic table. The 1,200 foot chalet overlooks Canada Goose online a two acre meadow. It sleeps up to eight people and has a gas fireplace and washer/dryer. Guests can walk on the Labyrinth, a circular stone path based canadian goose jacket on Canada Goose Parka the Chartres Cathedral’s path in France. The retreat also features past life canada goose factory sale regression therapy, yoga canada goose uk outlet classes and guided meditation. The package includes accommodations in one of Coopertown Inn’s 18 guestrooms. After the tasting, stroll down Cooperstown’s rustic Main Street or enjoy dinner at an Italian cafe. cheap Canada Goose Tour the buy canada goose jacket cheap Ommegang on Saturday night after stopping at the Baseball Hall uk canada goose outlet of Fame during the day. Visitors can boat, sail or fish in nearby Seneca Lake. It first opened in 1861 and has provided New York racing fans with a variety of high profile races each year, canada goose store including the Travers Stakes. Along with its accompanying casino, the racetrack provides gamblers and horse racing fans with plenty of vacation activities. She has been writing professionally since 1999, specializing in home remodeling, interior decorating, pets, travel and holistic health.

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Travel Tips Articles Accommodations in Brown County, Indiana Romantic Things to Do in Nashua, NH Dallas Romantic Hotels Romantic Vacations in canada goose uk shop the Pocono Mountains, canada goose black friday sale Pennsylvania Hotels With a Jacuzzi canada goose in online website canada goose outlet the Room Near cheap canada goose uk Collinsville, IL Hotels Near the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC Driving Tour of Langhe, Italy Poconos Couples Resorts.

Without distinction to language or race

Os Gemeos x Futura “Gigante” NYC – Completed

Last night Os Gemeos and moncler mens jackets Futura wrapped up production on their “Giant Project” moncler outlet sale mural in New York City. We stopped by moncler outlet store this morning to check it out, and caught the whole crew. From their buy moncler jackets blog:This past Sunday we began a new mural in Chelsea, on the exterior wall of PS 11 (320 West 21st street ) together with the legendary Futura2000. moncler outlet The project was organized by Allen Benedikt (from AKANYC and with support from Nike and Montana Colors and in conjunction cheap moncler coats with the World monlcer down jackets Basketball Festival. The cheap moncler jackets idea moncler sale was to bring a ‘Gigante’ to NY, as we’ve done in Greece, Holland, Lisboa, London and Sao Paulo. Uniting two different styles from opposite extremes was one moncler outlet of cheap moncler outlet the challenges, as well as the objective. The idea was to unite two styles that are completely different so they become one. The concept behind the flags (with the colors completely altered from their originals) signifies unity, a world without moncler sale outlet borders, combined to form “one world one voice”. Without distinction to language or race, without social difference… Where we all can live in a better world. We moncler outlet online also sought to establish a visual communication cheap moncler sale with the children of PS 11 and the surrounding community cheap moncler that walk by the mural each day. Futura working on the pattern for the shirt, which we hope will prove that two styles from different extremes can combine harmoniously….The piece can be seen on the side of PS11 at 320 West 21st. Definitely head down and check it out in person if you have the chance!More images of the artists and their completed work follow.Photos: Jacob Breinholt for Highsnobiety.

PayPal Treated Me Right

I recently tried integrating PayPal’s APIs with a site I work on and I jumped the gun before reading (I know, rookie mistake). I had integrated many other payment processing systems and I assumed wrongly that PayPal would accept test credit card numbers for testing. They flagged this as fraud, which I suppose is valid, and locked my account, limiting my ability to finalize my site.

They gave me a list of things to do to reinstate my account, and I did them, then they got more aggressive and asked for more validation, specifically the billing details that matched my credit card number—a test number that I obviously couldn’t provide. I explained this to them and they reinstated my account. I had little hope up to this point due to PayPal’s bad PR lately, but they solved my problem with a minimum of fuss, though it did take a while. Score one for the good guys.

Git back to where you used to be

I’m still not as versed in Git as I used to be. In various situations, I find myself looking at things and saying, well, I’ve backed up my own files, I know where I used to be. How do I just wipe everything clean and start over?

Obviously there’s always delete the dir and re-clone the files. With multi-gigabyte repos over a cell connection this isn’t the best option. Here’s a list of situations and their remedies as I’ve found them. All commands are run in the main directory of your project.

I’ve got changes, but I don’t want to commit them:

#just go ahead and delete everything you know about. 
git reset --hard

I’ve got changes and new files to add, but I just want to wipe everything out:

#hey git, there's all sorts of things in here to pay attention to
git add .
#just go ahead and delete everything you know about. 
git reset --hard

My commits have diverged, but I just wanna be where the origin is, not where I am:

#just go ahead and go back to where you were. 
git reset --hard @{upstream}

I’ve got commits staged, but I just want to wipe everything out:

#wipe out the last commit. Repeat as necessary
git reset --soft "HEAD^"

The Dutch therefore knew that

Dutch state failed to prevent Srebrenica deaths

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) The Dutch state is responsible for the deaths of three Muslim men after the fall uk canada goose of Srebrenica during the Bosnian war, a Dutch appeals court ruled Canada Goose Jackets on Tuesday, opening canada goose coats on sale the door to compensation claims.

Adila Suljakovic cries at the grave of her son in the Memorial Center in Potocari, near Srebrenica July 3, 2011. area of Srebrenica and were accused of cowardice when Bosnian Serb troops overran the enclave in July 1995.

In the cheap Canada Goose ensuing dangerous and confusing days, Bosnian Serb forces slaughtered canada goose clearance 8,000 Muslim men and boys and buried them in mass graves in Europe worst massacre canada goose uk outlet since World War Two.

Relatives of a local electrician who assisted the Dutch but was killed at Srebrenica and the troops local interpreter, whose father canada goose store and brother are also believed Canada Goose online to have died, lodged legal action against the Dutch state seeking damages. troops from uk canada goose outlet the Netherlands, known as Dutchbat, should not have allowed them to leave the safe area or fall into the hands of the Bosnian Serb forces.

Dutchbat had been witness to multiple incidents Canada Goose Coats On Sale in which the Bosnian Serbs mistreated cheap canada goose uk or killed male refugees outside the compound. The Dutch therefore knew that. the men were at great risk if they were to canada goose clearance sale leave the compound, the court said in its ruling.

Bosnian Muslim Hasan Nuhanovic, the local interpreter for the Dutch troops, told Reuters buy canada goose jacket cheap the state is now obliged to pay compensation, but he does not know how much.

The ruling can still be appealed to the Dutch Supreme Court.

A defense ministry spokesman said the ruling was canada goose black friday sale after a lower court ruled in 2008 the state could not be held responsible, but added the government was still studying the ruling before deciding what further Canada Goose sale steps it might take.

JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS Mothers and widows of Srebrenica victims blamed the canada goose uk shop Dutch force for the massacre, criticizing the troops canada goose for failing to resist the invading Bosnian Serb tanks and forces, who vastly outnumbered the lightly armed Dutch troops.

Srebrenica survivor Sabaheta Fejzic, 55, whose only son and husband were killed in the massacre, said the ruling brings a small bit of justice to victims families.

fact that the state is finally held responsible for this act of cowardice is relieving for the victims, Fejzic said.

Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic, who was ejected from the Yugoslavia war crimes courtroom on Canada Goose Online Monday after he refused to enter a plea, has been canada goose uk black friday charged with genocide over Srebrenica.

The issue remains sensitive in the Netherlands, where the government resigned in 2002 after a report concluded it had sent Dutch troops on a impossible.

Faced with several lawsuits in recent years over the massacre, the government has insisted its troops were abandoned by the United Nations, which provided no air support. mandate that effectively prohibited armed intervention in the conflict.

A case launched by canadian goose jacket the group Mothers buy canada goose jacket of Canada Goose Outlet Srebrenica against the Dutch state is now before the Supreme Court, where lawyers are seeking a referral to the European Court of Justice to also challenge the immunity of the United Nations.

Axel Hagedorn, a Dutch lawyer for the canada goose factory sale Mothers of Srebrenica, said although Tuesday ruling was of scope, it may assist his case when discussing the deaths of other people who had been at the Dutch base, but it could take many years.

In its ruling, the court said its decision only homesite Cheap Canada Goose applied to the specific case of the three Muslim men and no ruling had been made over the situation of all the other Srebrenica refugees.

The prosecutor office said last August it would look into whether Dutch soldiers should face criminal charges and a spokeswoman said on Monday prosecutors were still analyzing evidence. She declined to comment on Tuesday ruling.

Additional reporting by Gilbert Kreijger and Ivana canada goose coats Sekularac in Amsterdam and Maja Zuvela Canada Goose Parka in Sarajevo; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall and Paul Taylor.

And I want for people to own a piece of the canada goose

Facebook reveals price of friendship

May 16 buy canada goose jacket The social network prices Thursday evening and could now be canada goose clearance sale worth up to $104 billion. That canada goose uk outlet would put it in canada goose coats on sale the same league as Amazon and make it bigger than the likes of Hewlett Packard and Dell.

Based boat since friends up for cash why Wal Mart is undervalued. And Treasury Secretary Geithner buy canada goose jacket cheap may weigh again on JPMorgan. If you don’t know what’s happening with Canada Goose sale FaceBook by now that you must be stranded on a desert island. The social network prices Thursday Canada Goose Jackets evening Canada Goose Coats On Sale it’s already boosted its side he has size by 5%. And could now be worth up to 104 billion dollars uk canada goose that would put it in the same league Amazon. Fortis said that they’re going to continue to advertise and actually increase it. And there’s been more shares allocated Canada Goose Outlet for the canada goose uk black friday FaceBook IPO in addition to what they originally had. Now but all that’s going on it doesn’t match that’s fundamental numbers canada goose coats underlying Facebook’s advertising. this is really being built upon excitement. And I want for people to own a piece of the canada goose clearance company while. Art will uk canada goose outlet try to get investors’ minds away from a Mexican bribery scandal click over here Canada Goose Clearance when it reports before the balcony. It’s anything canada goose store negative comments from shareholders and employees over the incident. Instead the world’s largest retailer will try to focus back on business and should canadian goose jacket see higher earnings partly on higher sales in the US. According to exclusives start my data the stock is undervalued by twenty bucks. And there are more earnings to digest on the radar arrow dollar trees GameStop and Ross Stores. We may get more reaction to JPMorgan’s trading canada goose uk shop debacle Treasury Secretary canada goose Geithner speaks in the morning. Recently canada goose factory sale Geithner says the losses strengthen the case for finance reform. The cheap Canada Goose former head of Canada Goose Online the New York fed also added that changes would come out as tough and canada goose black friday sale effective as they need to be. US senate is expected to hold a procedural vote on two nominees to the Federal Reserve board. Harvard economist Jeremy Stein an investment Jerome Powell. Both expected to clear the hurdle which require sixty votes. And this could move quickly to Canada Goose Parka vote on Canada Goose online final approval. Stein served briefly at the top advisor to Geithner while Powell served in the treasury under president George HW. For you data that’s out there take out an initial jobless claims at 8:30 AM I have ours says they cheap canada goose uk should rise slightly to about 370000. The prior week’s reading might also be revised up slightly and watch out for the Philly Fed index that’s out at 10 AM. I pictured it might make Thursday’s papers they may look like happens is parity. That that’s not the despite Greece’s financial and political turmoil. These shots of the call and that carries the Olympic flame. On top of the Acropolis. The play will be handed over the London 2012 Olympic delegation. On Thursday and that’s our image of the day of follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider. I’m Rhonda schaffler mrs. Learn more about Thomson Reuters products:.

The new line with consist of 3 collections

Evisu Relaunch | A First Look

The denim market has gone through a lot of changes in moncler outlet sale the last two decades. We still cheap moncler remember the time when there was basically only Levi’s out there and then the shift moncler outlet store to premium denim in the 90’s. moncler mens jackets One of the major players, if not the most significant one, was Evisu in the beginning of the 90’s. This year the brand relaunches, finding back to its old moncler outlet online values.Now Evisu is lead by Scott Morrison monlcer down jackets as creative director, known moncler outlet for founding Paper Denim and Earnest cheap moncler coats Sewn. The collection pays homage to the fascinating and forgotten cheap moncler jackets roots of the brand.The re-launch of Evisu will focus on the quality, craftsmanship, and authenticity that made them the “it” jeans in late-90s, when moncler sale there was a buy moncler jackets long waiting list for the 12 pairs that cheap moncler sale Barneys received each month. Evisu was also the first denim brand to sell in mass for over $100 a pair.Evisu’s new collection will be available exclusively at cheap moncler outlet Barneys in November 2009 and starting from January also at Fred Segal. The new line with consist of 3 collections, with no 2 pairs the same:Evisu Genes ($150 to $198)Evisu online website cheap moncler ($198 to $265)Private Stock: ($600-$700) Replica quality, one-of-a-kind pieces, hand painted logo and numbered. For this line craftsmen use various techniques to create unique detailing (e.g. burns using cigarette lighters, hand painted buttons etc.)Today we can give you a first look at the upcoming collection. Detailed images follow after moncler sale outlet the jump, including a look at the changing logo of the brand over time.

Nolan had heel goed geoefend

beveiliging is aangescherpt in cuba pan am notebook

KFC, die deze lancering al een paar maanden in reclameboodschappen plaagt, is niet nieuw voor moncler jassen heren sale ruimtevluchten.

De moncler jas outlet telefoon, die de ‘pure Android-ervaring’ uitvoert zonder enige bloatware van een provider of fabrikant, zal beschikbaar zijn voor de Project Fi-dienst van Google De Moto X4 zal het eerste niet-Google-apparaat zijn dat op dit moment beschikbaar is op het netwerk, alleen de Google. ‘ s Pixel- en Nexus-telefoons zijn compatibel met Fi.

Als je de jaarlijkse zandsculptuurwedstrijd moncler nederland van Castle in the Sand in juni hebt gemist, neem dan een hart onder de riem.Er wordt nog een wedstrijd gehouden op het strand van 92nd Street moncler heren op donderdag, met trofeeën in verschillende categorieën, waaronder de meest creatieve en meest uitgebreide. en competitie is moncler jassen verdeeld in vier leeftijdsgroepen: leeftijd 7 en jonger, moncler outlet sale 8 tot 11 jaar, 12 tot 15 jaar en 16 en ouder.

Hallo vrienden. Ik schrijf vandaag de dag om twee dingen te zeggen.

Is onze starter, zei Sowell woensdag. begrijpt dat 2018 moncler hij reddingen moet moncler jassen heren maken, en hij kreeg een geweldige houding. We hadden een gesprek en hij een teamplayer. moncler sale Hij begrijpt waarom ik moncler jas dames sale deed wat ik deed op zondag, en het was zeker niet zijn schuld. helemaal niet. Nolan had heel goed geoefend, en op dat moncler dames moment waren we op zoek naar een moncler jas dames vonk, zoals we deden met een paar andere jongens bij aanval, middenveld, faceoffs. We waren gewoon op zoek naar elke vorm van vonk die we konden. begrijpt dat hij op dit moment de nummer 1 is en dat hij hard zal blijven moncler outlet werken, en we hopen dat hij goed zal spelen.

Het rapport dat donderdag is vrijgegeven door de Chesapeake Bay Commission, website moncler outlet een driestaten wetgevingsadviesorgaan, suggereert meer dan een dozijn beleidswijzigingen gericht op het stimuleren van de moncler jassen dames ontwikkeling van op mest gebaseerde energieprojecten. Eén voorstel zou bijvoorbeeld van nutsbedrijven eisen dat ze een bepaalde hoeveelheid moncler jas heren sale van die moncler jas sale stroom kopen, zoals ze moncler jassen outlet nu van zonne- en windfaciliteiten moeten hebben.

Hier een opmerking over die post van Eve: eigenlijk was het aspect klantenservice daar de laatste druppel voor mijn abonnement. moncler uitverkoop Mijn krant kwam niet aan voordat ik naar het werk ging. Oh, dus de doelmarkt zou de gepensioneerde en onafhankelijk rijke zijn? In die tijd kon ik een kopie krijgen van een aardige man die in de vroege ochtend verkouden was in het midden van moncler jassen dames sale Noord-Parkway. u abonneert zich op een gedrukte krant, u koopt een product, een gefabriceerd iets. Dan ontdek je dat (a) je weet niet wanneer je het op een bepaalde dag zult ontvangen, en (b) soms krijg je het helemaal niet. Bij de meeste kranten kun je een nummer bellen en door een reeks opgenomen opties bladeren, en in het geval van Eve krijg je een snippers mens die je vertelt dat je geen recht moncler jas heren hebt om te klagen.