jQuery Executes Script Tags in SubNodes

I recently wanted to clean a string of all HTML in order to use it as a title. Our users occasionally paste things into the title they shouldn’t, and while they have that right, it’s easier to prevent breakage and just use text instead of allowing them to break things. Since we use jQuery, I figured the following code might work:


this does strip out all html from the string as expected, but with one unintended consequence—if the titleString contains the html for a script tag, that tag will be run.

$('<div>').html('<script>alert("Bad Idea!")</script>').text();
// Alerts 'Bad Idea!' then returns only the text.

The solution is to remove the initial div declaration.

$('<script>alert("Bad Idea!")</script>').text();
// just returns the text.

jQuery only executes script tags in children of tags, not the initial creation.

Parent-Scoped mixins Sass

I recently had a need to build a Sass mixin that didn’t produce its output inside of its heirarchy. It’s easy, but wasn’t obvious in the documentation:

Typically I do my mixins like this:

@mixin scale($val) {
	-webkit-transform: scale($val);
	-moz-transform: scale($val);
	-ms-transform: scale($val);
	-o-transform: scale($val);
	transform: scale($val);
.btn {
	@include scale(0.5);

Which, when you use it produces output like this:

.btn {
	-webkit-transform: scale(0.5);
	-moz-transform: scale(0.5);
	-ms-transform: scale(0.5);
	-o-transform: scale(0.5);
	transform: scale(0.5);

My need was a page-wide change. If the body tag had a specific selector, I needed particular children to have different styles. Here’s how it’s done:

@mixin foreign-button($val) {
	body.russian & {
	background-image: url('russian/'+$val);
	body.spanish &amp; {
		background-image: url('spanish/'+$val);
.btn {
	@include foreign-button('path/to/image.png');

The output of this method looks like this:

body.russian .btn {
	background-image: url('russian/path/to/image.png');
body.spanish .btn {
	background-image: url('spanish/path/to/image.png');

The key is the placement of the & character. It’s an indicator to sass of where you’d like to put your heirarchical selector, in this case, .btn

Jenkins, Forever, and Node.js

I’ve got a project that’s written in Node that uses forever to keep it running. I’ve always been a fan of Jenkins to process and handle the various tasks of building and releasing. Hooking Node to Jenkins was something that took a little time to get right. Here’s my code:

The Build Step is Execute Shell and here’s the code I’m running:

npm install
export PROJECT_CONFIG='production'
if forever list | grep 'project.js' ; then
	forever stop project.js
forever start project.js
forever list | grep 'project.js'
  • updates your node project’s requirements
  • Sets an environment variable of PROJECT_CONFIG to ‘production’
    I’ve opted to use a special config name as well as a special js file name so as to allow Jenkins to run multiple projects at once, if I need to.
  • Forever keeps a list of all node files currently active, we need to look through the list and see if our project is already running
  • If our project is running, we stop it.
    If we used restart, there’s a possibility that the config environment variable wouldn’t be set properly.
  • Finally, start the project
  • Ensure that the project is in the list of running projects (and get a location for the log file)

It is a genuine concern and it is a concern felt canada goose

Eagles and small child claims ‘alarmist’ RSPB says

The Scottish Gamekeepers Association has raised concerns about whether sea eagles could differentiate between children Canada Goose Online and their natural prey.

The comment follows an incident where a senior clergyman Canada Goose sale was injured by a young eagle as he tried to scare it away after it attacked one of canada goose factory sale his geese.

The Scottish government said it was not aware of any Canada Goose Coats On Sale attacks by sea eagles on children in other countries and did not think a public inquiry was necessary.

In a letter to the canada goose Scottish government, the SGA warned that the attack on the Very Reverend Hunter Farquharson in Canada Goose Jackets Abernethy, in Perthshire, could be the canada goose uk outlet first of many.

The association has asked for the formulation of canada goose clearance sale an “exit strategy” if the sea eagles turn out to have an adverse effect on social, economic or leisure activities.

‘Attacking people’In the letter, the SGA said: “These canada goose clearance creatures are being released into what is canada goose black friday sale a comparatively densely populated area Canada Goose Parka so they will come into contact with humans on a daily basis.

“That will instil habituated behaviour and remove what should be a healthy uk canada goose outlet fear of humans.

“There are reports of buzzards which have obviously undergone this desensitisation and this has resulted in them attacking people. buy canada goose jacket cheap This could pose a serious threat in the future.

“Will these very large creatures differentiate between a small child and more natural quarry?”

The Perth based SGA represents gamekeepers, stalkers, cheap canada goose uk ghillies, my website https://www.canadagoosetomall.com Canada Goose Outlet wildlife managers and rangers.

Association committee member Bert Burnett said the group did not have a problem with sea eagles on Scotland’s west coast.

He said: “As far as we are concerned these sea eagles seem to be doing fine and not posing a threat.”

However, Mr canada goose coats Burnett said more consultation was needed on the release of the birds on the east coast.

He added: “Some might buy canada goose jacket think this is gamekeepers making a uk canada goose fuss for some obscure reason.

“That’s not the case. It is a genuine concern and it is a concern felt canada goose uk black friday by other people out there canada goose store other than gamekeepers.”

On the micro blogging website Twitter, RSPB Scotland tweeted: “Alarmist nonsense from the SGA.

“Sea Canada Goose online eagle could canada goose uk shop soon be eating small children. Surely ScotGov won’t take this seriously.”

Largest birdA spokesman for RSPB Scotland said the Perthshire incident was unfortunate and regrettable but that the bird had reacted as other wild canadian goose jacket animals might do when cornered.

He said the SGA claim about eagles, the UK’s largest bird of prey, targeting small children as ridiculous.

With a wing span of 8ft, the white tailed sea eagle is the UK’s largest bird of prey.

It was completely wiped out in Britain in the early 20th Century and only returned when a reintroduction programme began on the island of Rum in 1975.

Mull, Wester Ross and cheap Canada Goose Skye also now have established populations.

In August this year, a new batch of canada goose coats on sale 16 young sea eagles were released in Fife.

A Scottish government said the raptors were widespread in many parts of Europe, including densely Canada Goose Outlet populated areas.

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‘Ze is zo mooi en zo goed in het Chinees!’ zegt deze commentator op Weibo. Dit is niet de eerste keer dat Arabella China heeft gecharmeerd met haar taalvaardigheden.

In één woord, ja. Het is zeer zeldzaam om een ​​film te vinden die de toegangsprijs waard is, of zelfs maar een doos popcorn. We merken dat de films die moncler outlet zijn geregisseerd door of voor de Grand Theft Auto-generatie er niet anders uitzien moncler jas heren sale op een moncler heren 30 voet scherm of 3 inch scherm. We hebben geleerd om de kosten op te tellen tussen een avond in de bioscoop en een dvd huren of kopen dat omvat extra’s die niet beschikbaar zijn in het theater. We weten dat als we geduldig zijn alles op de kabel terechtkomt, hoe geweldig moncler jassen heren sale het is om degenen in Hollywood te vinden die huilen om moncler sale de droves die besloten hebben om weg te blijven van hun gebruikelijke afval.

Hoe dan ook, in het licht van moncler jas sale deze opmerkingen maakt de Foreman-uitdaging het een beetje logischer: Foreman, een Amerikaanse atleet en Olympisch gouden medaillewinnaar daagt het narcisme uit van een filmster die superioriteit claimt ten opzichte van de NFL-spelers voor vreedzaam protest tegen raciale ongelijkheid en politiegeweld.

He decided to drop out of college early to create a voice over

Dropcam makes surveillance consumer

Smile, you on camera! Wi Fi video camera company Dropcam raised uk canada goose outlet $5 million in its first round of funding today canadian goose jacket led by storied venture firm Accel Partners and Google+ canada goose factory sale vice president of product Bradley Horowitz.

Many people opt to install Canada Goose Outlet security cameras, nanny cams, or even office live feeds. But many of the current options on the market, such as Logitech Wi Fi video cameras, are battery powered, involve software set up, are security focused, and are buy canada goose jacket overly complicated. canada goose uk outlet Dropcam co founder Greg Duffy wanted to canada goose uk shop make a Wi Fi video camera that could act as a security camera, but also be more consumer friendly.

originally invested in Dropcam because I foresaw what canada goose black friday sale the company and their products could do for consumers and the industry, said angel investor Mitch Kapor in a statement. Kapor also invested in this round.

Dropcam connects to the web wirelessly to instantly give you a 24 hour, 7 days a week stream of wherever Canada Goose Coats On Sale you decide to Canada Goose Parka point it. The camera plugs into the uk canada goose wall for power, so it doesn cheap canada goose uk offer the same amount of freedom as a battery operated camera. The camera feed is named and canada goose coats encrypted for privacy to ensure that only you have access. Both audio and motion detectors are available on the canada goose clearance camera and canada goose coats on sale when activated, will send you push notifications or e cheap Canada Goose mail you a photo.

When it is time to watch your live stream of video, buy canada goose jacket cheap a computer is no longer a Canada Goose sale necessity. Dropcam offers apps to view the video on an iPhone or Android device, which also pick up on motion detectors.

The 24 year old Duffy started the company after seeing his father struggle to install security cameras around his home. For such a young founder, however, this is not Duffy first startup. Indeed, Duffy was an early college entrant at the age of 15 (after receiving a full time scholarship to UT Arlington at age of 13). He decided to drop out of college early to create a voice over IP company Canada Goose Online named NCF Technologies. After spending time with his startup, Duffy left to canada goose work for both Canada Goose online IBM and Microsoft, became principal software engineer at Xobni, and is finally trying his hand as a startup founder again.

Dropcam has a variety of pricing packages to go with the camera. All of the features mentioned above are free when you canada goose uk black friday purchase the camera, but you can pay to record up to 30 days of footage which is stored in a homesite Canada Goose Outlet https://www.canadagooseoutlete.com secured data center for retrieval. The Plus plan costs nine dollars a month for 7 days worth of stored footage and the Pro plan offers 30 days of stored footage for $25.

The company will use this round of funding to enhance its video cloud product along with hires to its engineering team.

Dropcam was founded in 2009 canada goose store and is headquartered in San Francisco. It has raised canada goose clearance sale $5.8 million in total from Accel Partners, and angels Bradley Horowitz, founder of the Lotus Development Corporation Mitch Kapor, Felicis Ventures founder Aydin Senkut, president of Triple Point Capital Ben Narasin, Bessemer Capital Partners partner David Canada Goose Jackets Cowan, and Salil Deshpande, general partner and Bay Partners.

1%) while the market reported a canada goose uk black friday

Fitch affirms Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung a

(VBL) Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating at with a Stable Outlook.

The rating reflects VBL strong capitalisation, investment earnings, and canada goose coats on sale business position within the independent financial advisors (IFAs) and sales organisations markets, strong gross written premium (GWP) growth, and sound expense Canada Goose Coats On Sale ratios. Negative rating drivers are the low level of diversification canada goose black friday sale in terms of geography and distribution channels.

VBL shareholders funds increased to EUR91.8m from EUR76.8m in 2010. The company free fund for future appropriation, including terminal bonus funds, significantly increased to EUR499.0m canada goose clearance sale in 2010 (2009: EUR441.4m). Fitch expects stable development in 2011. The agency cheap Canada Goose believes capitalisation will remain very strong, on the basis of its risk adjusted assessment, as well as the Canada Goose Parka regulatory solvency ratios.

VBL achieved a net investment return rate (NIRR) of 4.7% canada goose clearance in 2010 (2009: 5.1%) while the market reported a canada goose uk black friday NIRR of 4.3% (2009: 4.2%). The decrease was partly driven by the low interest yield environment and the fact that VBL had to write up values of certain investments at the end of the Canada Goose sale prior year, which supported the stronger performance of its investment portfolio in 2009. Within the actual capital market environment, Fitch buy canada goose jacket cheap expects that VBL 2011 NIRR will reduce, but will be above the market average.

VBL continues to generate strong operating cash flows, reducing liquidity risk. Expense and mortality profits have been consistently strong. In 2010, VBL administration expense ratio was 2.0% and the acquisition expense ratio was 5.0%, better canada goose factory sale than the market Canada Goose online averages of 2.4% and 5.1%, respectively. Fitch expects canada goose store VBL 2011 canada goose administration expense ratio to be better than the market average.

VBL primarily serves sales organisations and IFAs. Also, geographical diversification is low as VBL operates in Germany only.

Given canadian goose jacket VBL current uk canada goose rating level, Fitch views an upgrade of the rating as unlikely in the near to mid term as the uk canada goose outlet level canada goose coats of cheap canada goose uk VBL diversification in terms of Canada Goose Jackets geography and Canada Goose Outlet distribution channels constrains VBL credit profile. Key rating drivers for a downgrade include deteriorated capital position with a solvency margin below of 170%, weakened market position and decline in GWP.

VBL is the holding company of the Volkswohl Bund group. It has the legal form of a mutual and is Volkswohl Bund group buy canada goose jacket most important operating entity, with Canada Goose Online total assets of EUR7.7bn, equating to 99% of the group total in 2010. The company focuses on life insurance for private customers and canada goose uk outlet small and medium sized online website https://www.salecanadagooseoutlets.com Canada Goose UK enterprises in Germany. VBL generated GWP of EUR1.2bn and its non life subsidiary Volkswohl Bund Sachversicherung AG generated GWP of canada goose uk shop EUR72.2m in 2010.

YouTube iframe API Without External Script

The YouTube API is fairly straightforward, but requires the inclusion of a separate script tag, which then loads another script tag, all so you can do whatever specific thing you need to do. It always bothers me when you have to include a whole library in order to do anything, and while it’s small and minified, I also like to have control over what I’m doing.

Recently I wanted to listen for the end of a YouTube video and run a function. Here’s how I did it:

  • The Iframe tag you receive from YouTube needs to have enablejsapi=1 appended to the url parameters.
  • The YouTube video will send status messages to the main window once it’s told to.
  • Tell the YouTube video that it needs to start sending messages, via postMessage.
    The problem is that this must be done after the YouTube iframe is listening, which is up to us to determine. Since the YouTube video doesn’t post ANY messages (not even a ready message) until it’s told, we have to keep sending postMessages to the iframe until the video starts sending them back.
var interval,
//keep doing this until we get a response
interval = setInterval(function () {
}, 250);
window.addEventListener('message', function (event) {
    //if the message is from the right location
    if(event.source == youtubeIframe){
        if (interval) {
            interval = clearInterval(interval);
        //get the data
        var json = JSON.parse(event.data);

Here’s a working example:

The S 500 canada goose clearance sale 50 day moving average

dollar and oil fall on recovery doubts

jobs report rekindled doubts canada goose coats on sale about the strength of recovery yet failed to confirm widespread fears the economy is dipping back into recession. Treasuries slipped after many investors concluded the jobs report was not as bad as had been feared, leading to a mild bout of profit cheap canada goose uk taking.

The unemployment rate fell as discouraged Canada Goose Coats On Sale American workers Canada Goose Parka dropped out of the labor force, but a modest rise in private employment tempered worries of a double dip canada goose clearance recession. economy failed to come true.

all canada goose black friday sale the gloom and doom before canada goose uk outlet the report, you could say it wasn as bad as it canada goose uk shop could have been, but it probably not a positive for the economy, said Robert Yawger, senior vice president, energy futures at MF canada goose coats Global in New York. factory products dropped by Canada Goose sale the sharpest since the depth of the recession and fell for the Canada Goose Jackets first time in nine months. stocks. The S 500 canada goose clearance sale 50 day moving average broke below its 200 day Canada Goose Online moving average, a development known as the cross.

Volume on Friday was among the worst five days of the trading year, with many participants leaving early for the long Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Global shares ended at break even, however. canada goose The index lost 4.3 percent for the week. economy is already sliding into a double dip recession, Julian Jessop, fixed income strategist at Capital Economics, said about the data. economic data. crude oil futures slipped 81 cents, or 1.11 percent, to settle at $72.14 a barrel, the weakest close buy canada goose jacket cheap since June 8.

ICE Brent crude oil futures fell Followers us canada goose sale https://www.canadagooseparks.com 69 cents, or 0.95 percent, to settle canadian goose jacket at $71.65, the weakest close since May 25.

Gold prices rebounded on technical strength and bargain uk canada goose outlet hunting after double dip recession canada goose factory sale fears triggered the biggest losses in six weeks on Thursday. Independence Day weekend. gold buy canada goose jacket futures for August delivery canada goose uk black friday settled $1 higher at $1,207.70 an ounce, but ended cheap Canada Goose the week nearly 4 percent lower. bond prices were mixed. The benchmark 10 year note was down 9/32 in price to yield Canada Goose Outlet 2.98 percent. Treasury note was flat at 0.63 percent.

uncertain response in bonds suggests the employment report was a difficult read. There a lot of mixed data in there, said Kim Rupert, managing uk canada goose director of global fixed income analysis at Action Economics LLC in San Francisco. recovery. recovery. recovery is losing steam, said Greg Salvaggio, vice president of trading at Tempus Consulting Canada Goose online in Washington.

The euro was up 0.19 percent at $1.2541.

Against the yen, the dollar was up 0.22 percent at 87.79.

Reporting by Chuck Mikolajczak, Wanfeng Zhou, Robert canada goose store Gibbons and Burton Frierson in New York; Ikuko Kurahone in London; Lucia Mutikani in Washington; Writing by Herbert Lash; Editing by Jan Paschal.

Vi har lagt ut tips, MARKETPLACE video og ekstra informasjon

Lakers ‘nash skadet igjen etter å ha bæreposer

Markedsplassen går live i morges 21. september mens MARKETPLACEs siste episode, når Reparasjonsmannen Knocks, flyter i kveld, september. Det er et online, interaktivt verktøy som lar brukere bla gjennom et hus og få nyttig forbrukerinformasjon for omtrent alle områder av hjemmet. Vi har lagt ut tips, MARKETPLACE video og ekstra informasjon for å beskytte deg mot villedende produkter og reparere rip offs fra garasjen til bassenget til kjøkkenet.

Bevaring av konkurranseposisjonen er forutsetningen for vellykket klimavern. Denne sammenhengen blir ofte undervurdert, sa Wissmann og la til at canada goose jakker dame avgjørelsen fra Unites States var skuffende.

Facebook dialogPinterestPhoto høflighet canada goose jakke dame av merkevaren.Ny Yorkbaserte bibliofiler har sørget for tapet canada goose dame av Rizzolis murstein og mørtelpost siden utgiveren lukkede dørene til deres hvelvede 57. gats flaggskip i 2014. I neste uke blir den elskede bokhandel canada goose jakke gjenfødt på en bestemt mer downtown adressarchitect Bruce Priser St. James Building på 26th Street og Broadway. 1900-tallet BeauxArts stilrom byr på en historisk setting for de canada goose outlet italienske forlagene fargerike volumer. Rizzoli inviterte Fornasetti Milano canada goose norge til å designe skreddersydde veggmalerier for butikkerne høye alcoves. Flytende over canada goose jakker herre hyllene, disse canada goose victoria parka forgylte landskapene gir skyer, slott og cherubsere den perfekte folien til de strukturerte stakkene. XBilder: Rizzolis ReturnSlide 1 av 3FBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestPreviousNext1 / 3TogglePhoto høflighet av merkevaren. Full Screen.

Facebook dialogPinterestTom Ford Fall 2014. Foto av Giovanni Giannoni / WWD.For de som rocker Tom Ford, og fortsatt popmollies, sendte mesteren av louche luksus ut denne oransje sequin canada goose victoria fotballjersey dressa nippe til skjorten slitt av Jay Z mens du er på tur. XLondon Fashion canada goose herre Week Fall 2014Slide 1 av 11ForskjulerForsharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFBSharePinterestFreviousNext1 / 11ToggleTom Ford Fall 2014 For de som rocker Tom Ford, og fortsatt popmollies, sendte master of louche luksus ut denne oransje sequin fotballjersey dressa nikk til skjorten slitt av Jay Z mens han var på tour. quot; Karin NelsonFull Screen.

Abonnementer Gå til Abonnementssenteret for å administrere din: Min profil ‘Vi velger alltid highbush tranebær hvert år, og jeg my website https://www.canada-goose-jakker.com canada goose norge har vært rundt disse canada goose salg plantene siden jeg var tre år gammel,’ fortalte han CBC. ‘Så plutselig var alle disse plantene dekket i disse mørkepunktene, og jeg trodde det var canada goose jakke herre veldig rart fordi jeg aldri la merke til dem før. Daust tok prøver av plantene og sendte dem til en soppekspert. Han begynte deretter å kartlegge hendelser av sykdommen og fant at det var en Sammenheng med klimaet. Hans forskning kunne ha konsekvenser for klimaendringer, lokale økosystemer. og hans mors jelly.Listen til hele intervjuet med Kiri Daust nedenfor: Ved å sende inn en kommentar, godtar du at CBC har rett til å reprodusere og publisere denne kommentaren helt eller delvis, på noen måte som CBC velger. CBC støtter ikke meningene i kommentarene. Kommentarer til denne historien canada goose er moderert i henhold til retningslinjene for innsending. Kommentarer er velkomne mens de canada goose trillium er åpne. Vi forbeholder oss retten til å lukke kommentarer når som helst.