Building AS3 Using ANT Scripts

I spent a good chunk of time finding the simplest ANT build script I could and using it to compile my simple AS3 project. This is a simple as it gets:

<project name="build" default="compile">
	<property file="${ant.home}/"/>
	<taskdef resource="flexTasks.tasks" />
	<target name="compile">
		<mxmlc file="src/" output="bin-debug/AntTest.swf"/>

The project name attribute is up to you.
The default is the target to be run if you just type “ant”
The first property sets basic ANT properties
The taskdef includes Flex-specific information
The target name allows you to reference this action elsewhere in the build file
The mxmlc file is the source for the compiler
The mxmlc output is the output for the compiler
Just replace the as file and swf file with your specific filenames, open up the terminal, browse to the project dir, and type ant
it should produce a swf for you.

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