clAir – alpha – a Craigslist aggregator in Adobe Air

I’ve been working on a little side project for a while to be able to view multiple Craigslist results pages at once. To make this happen, I’ve built a basic app in PHP, but I thought it would be significantly nicer to build something standalone and FAST. I tried Flex, but the security sandbox was a pain, as was a lack of useful features, so here we go! Please leave feedback and bugs, if you find them.


  1. morgan- this is neat. i’d be interested in how you went about the aggregation. found that it was possible to select multiple areas and search-very handy.

    my only suggestions here are aesthetic. it’s kind of hard to read the “title”, some are cut by the date field and the rows of text just kind of melt together. perhaps using a different color variant (instead of two light greys) would help? also allowing the title to be multi line would be cool.

    otherwise-nice job. cool to see folks doing neat stuff.

  2. Yeah–aesthetic was never my forte, but I’ll see what I can do. I tried to balance the data shown with the space provided, maybe I could rearrange things a bit. I’m looking into color-coding the results cities as well, maybe that would help a bit.

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